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Speaker's Voice

A voice that touches - not only a basic requirement for appealing videos.

Loud or quiet. Rough or soft. Warm or cold.
The right voice gives your video that certain something and conveys the desired atmosphere.
But not only for videos, but also for the telephone waiting loop or your commercial we have what you are looking for:
our speaker's voice.


Listen to our demo tape now.

  • Demotape

Advantages of our speaker's voice

diverse applications

No matter whether as a voice in the explanation video, interview partner or telephone waiting loop: a pleasant and easily understandable speaker's voice brings you the expected added value for your video.

professional equipment

We work with high-quality equipment and thus guarantee you a crystal-clear and clear voice.

rapid provision

We can provide you with your desired recordings - depending on the size of the order - just a few hours later so that you can quickly integrate them into your project.